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Skateboarder Surfer & full-time Student ~ Encinitas California! // CONTEST History<<<Click Here!

Contact: or for Bookings & Career Highlights. // Bryce rides for:

Silly Girl  Pride Socks Encinitas Surfboards  McGill's Skateshop  Sticky Bumps  187 Killer Pads

Lazy Acres Natural Market  Converse (Flow)  Wise Fool Fam

Above Photo: Thrasher Mag, VANS Pro Park Series, US Open of Surfing 2017



Above Photo: McDaniel, USA Surfing America Amateur National Championships 2016

Above Photo: @Ty_lor Stewart, Exposure 2016 PRO Vert contest, Encinitas, CA

Photo left by Danny 'Wise Fool', Iguana Bowl, Encinitas, CA ~ Photo right: Bryce hiking in her local trails

Photo left: Bryce playing ukulele, San Onofre Beach, CA 2018 ~ Photo right, by Joanne Barratt, Vans Pro Park Series US Open of Surfing 2017

Above photo: USA Surfing Prime, Salt Creek 2017

Photo above: Shot by Jason Kenworthy, Dew Tour 2018, Long Beach, CA Women's Park Final

Above photo: Bryce on her custom 'B-Love' Fish out front...

Above photo by NAKA, 2017 VANS Girls Combi Pool Classic Pro Final


USA Surfing Prime, Church Beach San Onofre, CA 2017


Above video:  Bryce Wettstein 2018 Reel


Above video: Bryce's 2nd Place Run from the Vans Pro Park Series Global Qualifier in HB, 2017


Above Video: New Year 2018 Clip Stack...


Above video: 2017 Sounds of Summer


Above video: Bryce ~ Sweet Disposition


Above video: Bryce ~ Bounce Back


Above video: Bryce's Best run at the XGames' Qualifier in Boise Idaho, 2017


above video: Bryce hits Maui West, OCT 2015

Below: Photo Archive...

above: Boneless on Julz Lynn's pro-model - the 'Silly G' - her teammate on Silly Girl and the #1 ranked ladies' bowl rider!

Above: Hamboardin' in Huntington Beach, CA!

Above: Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2014

Above: With Surf shop & board sponsor & shaper, John Kies and Encinitas Surfboards crew!

Videos Below that showcase Bryce while NOT shredding:)


Above video: Bryce singing a cover of  'Clay' & playing the Uke, originally written by Grace Vanderwaal.


Above videos Bryce skating Sector 9 Bread Bowl, and Bryce rapping 'The Silly Girl Rap' vol. 3


Facebook:   YouTube channel:  Insta: @brycewetstein #thesillylife

**To keep up to date with Bryce, her contest results, current media & sponsorship results, follow her on her social media & contact and/or of Yunexis Agency, for her current resume << in July of 2018, Bryce Ava signed with

Bryce is raised by two very athletic parents, married for 23 years, who still compete!  Committed to helping Bryce reach her potential, always while having fun: Its a family affair!  The Wettstein family are silent backers to several girls/women skateboarding organizations and athletes, and are grassroots supporters.  We've turned down several offers from 'Corporate Skateboarding & surfing companies, in order to stick by smaller brands who directly support female athletes and reached out to Bryce from the start.  This is about LOVE & passion.

Bryce has been skating and surfing since she was 5 years old and is an Encinitas native. She is an avid contest skater & surfer for the past 7 years and truly enjoys both activities and competing.  Competing has always been Bryce's personal choice, and she is still a "soul" surfer & skater.  Bryce is also a full time student who loves & excels in school.  She plays indoor club volleyball with the Moonlight Crashers and enjoys music, art, science, all sports and hanging with her little sister!  At age 14 diversity and fun comes first!  Bryce sometimes books Hollywood gigs as a talent and athlete.  But she is growing like a weed, so please contact us for her current sizes and age-range!  (This cannot be stressed enough!)

It is also our desire as a family, to be an integral part of & promote girls' surfing & skateboarding!  We ARE helping facilitate, promote, volunteer & even hosting such events & grassroots sk8 organizations!!

For further info about Bryce, contact her parents via email: or phone Mom Donna at (760) 944-1884, Mobile (619) 884-1884

For current availability, sizes and age-range please contact Mom or Dad above.

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